Monday, December 15, 2014

Shifting Reality Series by Amanda Kay - Cover Reveal

For those that loved Hunter Jackson and Amelia hang on tight because we aren't done yet Amanda Kay Presents....  

The Shifting Reality Series (Luke & Katrina's Story)
Perspective Shift 12/29/14
Trust Shift 1/20/15
Shifting Their Forever 2/24/15
Cover Art by: Cover Me, Darling  


Shape of His Heart (Sam and Eryn's Standalone Story) 3/31/15   
Cover Art by Cover Me, Darling
Models: Storm Bailey & Jaclyn Rutland
Photo by: K Keeton Designs


Perspective is everything...

Tensions running high... 
But love... 
Well, it speaks volumes. 

photo 1

Before Hunter met Amelia there was Luke and Katrina. 
It only took one look and Luke Kirkland was sunk. 
Katrina is perfect.

photo 2


photo 3

As tensions are growing between the werewolf army and the shape shifters Luke and Katrina find themselves falling in love. A love that can't get out to Luke's commander. 
Luke is a werewolf. Katrina is a shape shifter. 
Their worlds aren't supposed to mix, but maybe together they can accomplish a perspective shift.

photo 4

photo 5

Trust is earned...
Trust is easily broken.
Trust us harder than love.

 Luke and Katrina are solid in an unstable world, but life changes when their best friends Hunter and Amelia fall for each other.

One plan throws Katrina's trust out the window.
One plan could ruin them all.
Hunter won't be the only one trying to save his relationship. Luke has to repair the trust the hardest part of love.


Is forever possible?
Can love last forever?
Is there a way to shift your forever?

Katrina is starting to question everything that a life with Luke Kirkland represents.
Luke knows something is bothering Katrina.
So between that and almost losing Hunter he's pulled back a little.
He'll propose, but when he does it'll be perfect. Luke is bound and determined to make things right and shift their forever.


 Sam and Eryn met while tensions were high, but not terrible between the Werewolves and the Shape Shifters. They had a courtship like no other and then just after celebrating their second anniversary and planning for their first child all hell broke loose.

 Now Eryn spends most nights alone.

Sam has become almost a passing figure in her life.
Most days it feels like they aren’t even married.

She loves him and she refuses to give up, because she’s seen the shape of his heart.
She knows without a shadow of a doubt that Sam will go down fighting for her and their family.
Only Eryn knows the shape of his heart.


REVEAL - Wrap - Perspective

REVEAL - Wrap - Trust

REVEAL - Wrap - Forever

REVEAL - Wrap - Shape of his heart

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