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Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2) by Autumn Jones Lake - Blog Tour, Character Interview & Giveaway

Corrupting Cinderella
Lost Kings MC # 2
By: Autumn Jones Lake
Releasing December 2nd, 2014

Can a lawyer and a criminal maintain an enduring romantic relationship?

Although Hope and Rock care deeply for one another, the truth is they come from completely different worlds. Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people, and they have a very rough road ahead of them.

For Rock that means introducing Hope to what it really means to be part of his brutal and shady world, where the Lost Kings Motorcycle Club is his main focus. For Hope it means accepting the things she can’t change, and understanding that Rock is a man who will do anything to keep her safe.

As Rock continues to draw Hope deeper into his world, painful misunderstandings and opposition from the members of his club will threaten to drive them apart.

Interviewer’s Notes: So, I have this interview scheduled with both Rock and Hope, but so far it’s just me and Rock, sitting at a table in the back of Uncommon Grounds café in Empire. I’m definitely not getting the warm fuzzies from him. He’s not rude, he just looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but here. He’s facing the front of the café and scrutinizing every person who walks in the door.

Rock: Sorry about this. Hope’s always running late.

Interviewer: Was she in court this morning?
Rock: No.

Interviewer’s Notes: I can tell Hope must have arrived, because Rock’s entire expression changes. He actually smiles and stands. Hope throws herself against him and well, it’s kinda awkward for this interviewer for a moment.
Hope: I’m so sorry I’m late!
Rock nudges the extra coffee cup he has on the table in front of Hope.
Rock: Babe, you hungry? Want something?
Hope: I’m good. Thanks. Let’s get started.

Interviewer: Do you have to be in court?
Hope: No. I, uh, might be starting a new job soon.

Interviewer: Really?
Hope: I can’t talk about it yet, but it’s interesting.

Interviewer: Okay, so how is life these days? You look both happy.
Hope: Life is good.
Rock: No complaints.

Interviewer: Hope, how are things with you and the club?  Still tension with the guys or have things settled down?
Hope: (laughs) Um, Wrath’s the only one who ever gives me a hard time. The rest of the guys seem to have accepted me.
Rock: He still giving you shit?
Hope: (more laughter) 

Interviewer: What was the moment Hope, when you knew Rock was “it” for you? And same for you Rock, when was the “Aha”?
Hope: That’s hard for me to answer. 

Interviewer’s note: Rock gives me a look that makes me finally understand what people mean when they use the phrase “death glare.”
Hope: I think the moment we were in his garage, when he explained how long he’d had feelings for me. I already knew I was falling for him hard but I didn’t realize how deep his feelings for me were until that moment.

Interviewer: Wow. Rock?
Rock: I’d like to say the second I saw her, but it just wasn’t a possibility at that time. 

Interviewer: Hope, was it hard for you that first time you saw Rock after your husband’s funeral?

Hope: That was a difficult time for me. I was in such a…fog. I was touched that he cared enough to see if I needed anything, but I wasn’t thinking about anything beyond that. 

Interviewer: How about later when you guys ran into each other?
Hope:  Well (nervous laughter) I was a little tipsy. I was more amazed to run into him than anything, it’s not like we really ran in the same circles…
Rock: Can we move on now?

Interviewer: Sure! Let’s try to lighten up the mood here a bit. Hope, if it wasn’t Rock, which of the other Lost Kings would you consider “Taking a Ride” on….I mean with?
Rock: What the fuck kind of question is that?
Hope: Hmmm…well, Wrath is definitely attractive, but his personality…no. Z’s very devilish, so he’s more like a big brother, plus he’s hooked up with my friend, Lilly, so…no. Bricks has a girlfriend. Murphy is too young for me…so…
Rock: You seem to have given this a lot of thought, babe.

Interviewer: Fair is fair, Rock, any of Hope’s friends you’d like to spend a night with?
Rock: No.

Interviewer: Okay, then. Let’s move on.
Rock: Good idea.

Interviewer: Rock what is one non-sexual thing that Hope does that gets you hotter than anything?
Rock: Everything she does is hot as fuck.

Interviewer: Anything more specific?
Rock: The way she sticks up for herself and for other people.

Interviewer: Nice. Okay, Hope what is the most romantic thing Rock has done for you, that you loved, but most women would find obnoxious?
Hope: Well, I think it was Rock coming to see if I was okay the day of my husband’s funeral. I know…certain people in my life expressed the opinion that it was inappropriate. But nothing improper happened and it really did help me when I was feeling low.

Interviewer: Rock, what are Three Things you LOVE about Hope and Three Things that drive you CRAZY?
Rock: Love everything about her. She’s caring and clever. She’s good to my family, even though they give her a hard time. She puts up with my shit. Got no problem telling it like it is when we’re alone. She’s really hot when she’s pissed off.

Interviewer: Those are all good things. Anything that drives you nuts?
Rock: My girl is very messy.
Hope: What?!

Interviewer: Uhh…
Rock: Doll, your closet looks like a bomb went off in it.
Hope: Whatever. Do I get to answer the same question?

Interviewer: Of course. Hope, Three Things you LOVE about Rock and Three Things that have you thinking of places where they will never find the body?
Hope: Love that Rock always makes me feel very special and cared for. He’s exciting to be around and has more depth than people realize. He’s protective of the people he cares about. (Hope’s cheeks turn bright pink) He’s very sexy. People don’t realize this because he looks so mean and intimidating, but he’s very loving and charming underneath all that. 

Interviewer: That’s sweet. Any dislikes?
Hope: Well, he’s bossy. Demanding. Overprotective. Secretive—
Rock: That’s more than three, Hope.
Hope: Oh, sorry.

Interviewer: Hope, how has life changed since becoming an Ol’ Lady?
Hope: I don’t know that it has.
Rock: (chuckles)

Interviewer: So, Hope, before you guys met, it’s been rumored that Rock used to go through women like socks. From the strippers at his dance club to the girls that hang around his motorcycle club. Has that been difficult for you?
Rock: Really?
Hope: (laughing and shaking her head) Everyone has a past. Rock’s is just more…colorful than mine. 

Interviewer: If you guys could choose one song title to describe your relationship what would it be?
Interviewer’s note, both answered at the same time.
Rock: Sweet and Wild.
Hope: You’re the One.

Interviewer: Aww. So what is next for you guys? Marriage?
Interviewer’s note, again both of them answer at the same time.
Hope: No.
Rock: Yes.

Interviewer: Well, this is awkward.
Hope: (looking at Rock) After that…thing you explained to me, I thought that was…I always thought you didn’t want to get married again.
Rock: That was before I met you.
Hope: Oh. Wow.

Interviewer: Kids in your future?
Rock:  Please. I already have a clubhouse full of children to look after.
Hope: (laughing) That’s completely true. Seriously though, I’d like to have Rock to myself for a little longer before we think about children.
Rock: Sounds good to me.

Interviewer: Thank you both for hanging out with me today!  Best of luck for the future!
Hope: Thank you.

As an only child, Autumn kept herself entertained by making up all sorts of stories. For a long time, life and school dimmed her enthusiasm for creative writing. But as soon as she rediscovered her love of storytelling, she put her fingers to the keyboard and hasn’t looked back.
Her favorite books to read are mystery, thrillers, horror, romance, erotica and urban fantasy. Her favorite thing to write is romance. All of her stories have to include a hunky hero and an optimistic ending.
When she’s not writing, Autumn spends time listening to music, going to concerts, and driving her family nuts. She enjoys reading, gardening, acting, and collecting nail polish. (Her husband says she shouldn’t be allowed to include gardening in her list of hobbies, because she makes him do all the work, but that’s not relevant.)
Autumn lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their three rescue dogs. She is actively involved with several dog rescue groups and her local RWA chapter.

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