Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pointe of Passion by Annalie Walker - Birthday Blitz


Have you ever thought you had your life all figured out, only to wake up one day and realize that you have to start all over? 

DEVASTATED by a career-ending injury, professional ballerina Mia Parker decides to move back to her hometown of West Trenton to open a dance studio and begin again. 

DETERMINED to do what is best for his young daughter, Jaxson Sinclair finds himself adrift as a single Dad after his unstable marriage suddenly ends in tragedy. 

DESTINED to find each other, there is no denying the attraction between them, but can he get past the self-blame of the accident? 

DESIRED by Jaxson, will Mia be the push he needs to start living again? Although the obstacles of starting over are endless, they discover comfort in each other’s arms. Can Jax bring this dancer to the Pointe of Passion where she never wants to go back? 

Sometimes starting over can make all of your dreams and desires come true.

I opened the door when we pulled up in my driveway and got out before he even had a chance to turn the car off. He got out and quickly followed me up the walkway. I turned around at the front door with my hands on my hips. “Look Jaxson, I am really tired and I just want to go inside and go to bed. Thank you for taking me, but I will talk to you later.”
He advanced on me so fast that my head was spinning when he pressed me up against the front door. He had his mouth crushed to mine before I could even protest. His hands were on either side of my face holding my mouth to his. I tried to push away, but he didn’t budge.
His tongue darted out and licked the seam of my lips. I tried to push away once more, but my resolve was quickly tearing down and the push was barely more than a nudge. My hands stayed on his chest and slowly made their way up until they were locked around his neck.
“Mia, I don’t want anyone but you. Let me make love to you,” he whispered against my lips.
My mouth had a mind of its own and parted to let him in. As his tongue intertwined with mine and I knew I had lost this fight.


Annalie Walker was born and raised in Louisiana. She is the wife to a sometimes home, sometimes not airline pilot husband and the mother of two fabulous children.  If she is not at the soccer field with one, you can find her in the dance studio with the other. Of the two, she is most comfortable in the dance studio since she also grew up there.
She spends her days in the pharmacy, her evenings carpooling kids and her nights lost in a good book. On the weekends, you can find her cheering for her favorite football teams. She has just recently found her passion for writing. She likes her books the same way she likes her food, spicy. She has just recently published her first novel Pointe of Passion on Amazon. Look for Book Two in the Dancer’s Desire Series coming soon!

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