Thursday, September 17, 2015

BANG by Joanna Blake - Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Title: BANG
Author: Joanna Blake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Model: Shawn Dawson
Release: Fall 2015

MEAT. MANWHORE. PORN STAR. I have sex on camera for a living. I don't need to feel anything to perform. In fact, I like it better that way. That's until I meet her. She makes me want things I shouldn't. Like her.

My name is Trent but in the business I go by Rez. I work hard, play hard and party hard. That's until a crash takes me out of rotation. I broke all of my bones -- all, that is, except the one that counts. Too bad I'm too messed up to use it.

Now I'm laid up in a hospital bed, unable to do more than scratch my ass. That wouldn't be so bad, but the nurse in charge of my recovery is hell on wheels. Bossy, prudish and rough with her sponge baths. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Worse yet, she seems totally immune to my charms.

I love getting a rise out of her. And for some reason, she always gets a rise out of me.

She thinks she is better than a manwhore like me. She might be right. But I'm not giving up until I take the prissy know it all on the ride of her life- on me. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I've blown her mind six or seven times in one night.

Trouble is, I've gotten in deeper than I meant to. And I don't know if I ever want out.

BANG is a standalone novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

I was in heaven. And hell. All at the same time. Lexi had come in today with a large bucket and a loofah. Now she was carefully and meticulously washing my body.
I closed my eyes, trying to savor the moment. No, fuck that, I was trying to control my cock. I'd been in shock when she told me.
"You are getting your wish."
"A doctor ordered sponge bath."
Oh fuck.
Now here I was, my teeth gritted, my body tense. Straining with the effort not to let the monster rise.
I was losing.
Every touch, every softly spoken word, it was the most arousing thing I'd experienced in my life.
A fucking sponge bath.
I'd fucked gorgeous girls by the hundreds. I'd done three ways, four ways, orgies, anal, bondage. You name it.
But this woman was driving me absolutely insane with lust, Just from a sponge bath.
She wasn't even being gentle about it.
"Turn over."
I rolled to my side, finally losing the battle with my cock. It was already semi-hard and it rose to full fucking mast in a heartbeat.
She roughly scrubbed my back and my ass. I clenched my jaw as her sponge moved down my thighs. It was... oh God! I felt like I could fucking cum just from that fucking sponge!
Heaven help me if she touched my cock.
I would shoot. I knew it. I would spurt into the air like a teenage boy.
Fuck me.
I was seriously falling for this woman. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. But there was no denying it.
I was starting to think I had a chance with her. For more than just a sport fuck. To have her, for real.
But not if she found out who I was before I could ease her into it.
How the fuck I could do that was beyond me.

Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride!


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