Friday, February 27, 2015

Pairing Off (Red Hot Russians #1) by Elizabeth Harmon - Blog Tour, Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Pairing Off
Red Hot Russians # 1
By: Elizabeth Harmon
Releasing February 2, 2015
Carina Press

A scandal-plagued American figure skater's last chance at gold means pairing up with Russia's sexiest male skater...who happens to be the first man she ever loved.

"The Cutting Edge" with a Russian twist.

American pairs figure skater Carrie Parker’s Winter Games dreams were dashed when her philandering partner caused one of the greatest scandals in skating history. Blacklisted from competing in America, her career is over…until she receives a mysterious invitation and is reunited with the most infuriating, talented—and handsome—skater she’s ever met.

Russian champion Anton Belikov knows sacrifice. He gave up a normal life and any hope of a meaningful relationship to pursue his dream. And he’s come close—with a silver medal already under his belt, the next stop is the gold. All he needs is a partner. While he’s never forgotten the young American skater he seduced one long-ago night in Amsterdam, he never expected to see her again…never mind skate with her.

When what starts as a publicity stunt grows into something real between them, Carrie and Anton’s partnership will test their loyalties to family, country, and each other. With only a few months to train for the competition of a lifetime, can they master technique and their emotions, or will they lose their footing and fall victim to the heartaches of their pasts?

Wonderful love story in the cutthroat world of figure skating. Anton is an absolutely lovable hero - from his first encounter with Carrie to his loyalty to Olga - he will win you over. It is a slow building romance with lots of "almosts" that will sometimes frustrate you, but the wait is well worth it.  I also really enjoyed the setting and great descriptions of the country.  Looking forward to the next couple - wonder who it will be?

Love in the Spotlight by Elizabeth Harmon

"Fame means millions of people having the wrong idea about who you are."- Erica Jong.
I don’t know if author Erica Jong was talking about herself or someone else, but that quote certainly applies to Carrie Parker, the figure skater heroine of my debut contemporary romance, “Pairing Off.”  
Carrie is a U.S. champion pairs figure skater whose reputation and career are destroyed after her skating partner is caught in bed with a judge at an international competition.  Though Carrie had no idea what her partner was up to, she's found guilty by the press and public.  Disgraced and unfairly branded a cheater, her public image is at odds with the person she really is.

For Anton, an up and coming figure skater living in Russia, rising fame opens doors that might be closed to him otherwise. It brings professional and financial opportunity and even gets him out of a few sticky situations.  His experience with fame is positive, while Carrie’s is negative. When they become partners, does he lift her up...or does she drag him down?

What is it about being famous?
Never having been famous, the idea has always fascinated me. Celebrity gossip mags like In Touch, Us Weekly and People are guilty pleasures when I'm waiting in the checkout line or to get my hair cut. Show me a link to a story about who some star is dating or not dating, chances are good, I'll click on it. There's probably some deep-seated wish-fulfillment fantasy at work here, but I think what is most interesting isn't the glamour, but the day-to-day reality of everyone knowing your business.
Especially when what they think they know isn't true.
 It's a central idea that's explored in each installment of my Red Hot Russians trilogy, as my characters experience different sides of fame.  “Pairing Off” explores the lives of those who are famous. The second book in my series, “Turning It On,” an August 2015 Carina release, is set on a reality shows and explores the lives of characters who want to be famous. The third book in the series, “Getting It Back” features a hero who was once famous and hopes to be again.
Are happy endings possible for those who live and love in the public eye? The romance writer in me says yes.

What do you think?
Quirky settings. Loveable, if imperfect heroines. Gorgeous men with hearts of gold. Contemporary romance author Elizabeth Harmon loves them all.
A graduate of the University of Illinois, she has worked in advertising, community journalism and as a freelance magazine writer. She feels incredibly blessed to have a career that allows her to spend her days imagining “what if?” and a loving family that keeps her grounded in the real world.
An adventurous cook, vintage home enthusiast, occasional actress, and entry-level figure skater, Elizabeth makes her home in the Midwest, where life is good, but the sports teams aren’t. She loves to hang out on her front porch, or at her favorite local establishments, enjoy good food and wine, and talk writing with anyone who will listen.

I love stories that give a fresh take on classic themes, and feature characters and locations not often seen in romance. Give me a lovable, if less-than-perfect heroine, a gorgeous hero with a heart of gold, take them a little off the beaten path and I'm a happy girl.
I read a variety of genres-- romance to horror and just about everything in between. I am a member of Romance Writers of America. I have worked as a freelance journalist for a number of local publications and am a contributing writer to Romance Writers Report.
When I'm not writing, I love to ice skate, bike ride, hang out at the beach or on my front porch. I love vintage homes, adventurous cooking, spending time with my family and traveling.


  1. Jen, thanks for hosting me and I'm so glad you enjoyed Pairing Off

  2. Oh...and the next couple? Ivan's nephew Vlad's decision to quit skating has major repercussions, but his experience as an ice dancer translates into a career he could never have imagined, and brings him together with a heroine he couldn't have imagined either. Stay tuned for Red Hot Russians #2 "Turning It On" coming in June!