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More (All or Nothing #2) by Lea Griffith - Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway

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All or Nothing # 2
By: Lea Griffith
Releasing February 10th, 2015

Sure to please fans of erotic romance, Lea Griffith’s All or Nothing series returns to the deepest places of longing and obsession.

Three years ago, Ruthie Copeland ran away from an erotic connection that shook her to the core. Now she realizes that Tobias Edwards is the only man who can give her what she craves. Determined to reignite the dangerous flame between them, Ruthie seeks him out at The Underground—and discovers a changed man. Though Ruthie, blind since childhood, cannot see the scars on Toby’s face that forced him to seal off his heart, her gentle submission eases the pain of her body’s only Master.

Toby stopped feeling after Ruthie left, stopped expecting to find release in meaningless dominance play. Now that Ruthie has taken their dance to the limits of ecstasy, Toby’s lost in a haze of sensation. Yet the enemies that left him disfigured may reappear at any moment. Ruthie’s love gives him the strength to face those who seek to break him, but Toby fears he must leave her to save her life.

More is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

He walked around her slowly, his steps a dance of seduction. Ruthie shivered and he laughed, low and sexy.
“I don’t think you know what you’re asking for, Ruthie. I don’t know that you understand what I want to do to your body, to your soul.” His voice was rough and infinitely deep.
Still he circled her, a taunt. This was about control, dominance. His intent tingled over her skin, brushing her mind and softening her body.
So many things she wanted him to do to her. She could only imagine the places he would take her—the heights she could scale in his arms. He already played her body expertly, but the thought of going even higher through a Dom/sub dynamic? She swallowed hard and then stilled when Tobias trailed a single finger down her throat to the tops of her breasts.
Candace had introduced Ruthie to floggers, whips, crops, hoods, and clamps. As Ruthie stroked the leather of the flogger, her stomach had somersaulted and she’d been forced to breathe through her desire. Her friend had laughed knowingly. That’s how she’d finally made her decision—touching the flogger, she’d known it could bring her peace in the hands of the right man.
Tobias was that man. She wanted the thud of his flogger on her back, her thighs, and her breasts. She craved the feel of his hand, or his paddle, on her ass. She needed the sting of nipple clamps, the brush of his ropes. She had to have Tobias deep inside her body, taking her apart and putting her back together. She wanted to fly. Ruthie desired all the things she couldn’t see but needed with a bone-shredding intensity. This was the beginning.
He squatted in front of her, his woodsy scent soothing her even as his heat enticed. “Do you know what I want, Ruthie?”
Her mind quieted. It was eerie how everything inside of her responded to his tone. She remained silent.
He grabbed her chin and lifted her face. “I asked you a question.”
“You didn’t give me permission to speak,” she stammered.
“I never told you that you couldn’t,” he said softly. “You have to know the rules he plays by, Ruthie, before you present yourself to a Dom.”
“Not just any Dom . . . you,” she responded heatedly.
He stood then and cursed. “You don’t know what you’re asking of me, Ruthie.”
She quelled her fears and doubts, silencing them with a sharp command. She needed Tobias. It was that simple. “I know what I’m asking for, Tobias. I’m asking for you—all the pieces you’ve kept from me. All the things you’ve hidden because you think I can’t handle your lusts.”
He sighed. Capitulation? It was a rarity, but she mourned the loss of her sight at that moment—she’d give nearly everything she owned to stare into his eyes right then.
“Ruthie, you’re precious to me,” he began and then stopped.
The fear returned, vicious and cutting, doing its best to erode her confidence. “I want everything or nothing at all.”
Even though she whispered, her declaration was loud and she heard the indrawn hiss of his breath. “Ruthie. I can’t do this right now.”

There is more to Ruthie and Tobias' story than just hot sex with a side of BDSM. Ruthie is the perfect match for Tobias. Even though she is trying to convince him that she can be his sub, she still stands up to him and challenges him when needed.  Tobias is such a stubborn ass, but he does what he does in order to protect Ruthie - at least that is his reasoning. 

This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Overall I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading Dante and Savvy's story, and perhaps one day Sol's. 

ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lea Griffith began sneaking to read her mother’s romance novels at a young age. She cut her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, and Garwood. A firm believer that love makes the world go round, she still consumes every romance book she can put her hands on, but now she writes her own.
Lea lives with her husband and three teenage daughters in rural Georgia. Two dogs, a cat, and a beta fish named Coddy George complete a family that is always in motion. When not working at the EDJ, she’s usually at her keyboard, using every spare second to write. Science fiction, paranormal and contemporary romance, oh my! Nothing is off-limits when it comes to her writing.

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