Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jasmine by Selene Jasper - Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway

Orphaned and raised by her older sister Zandra, Jasmine Tremaine was taught to never trust anyone but herself. Longing to start a life of her own, free from Zandra's controlling nature, Jasmine returns to their parents' home town and finds herself rescued by Draven: the first man to make her feel safe. She soon finds out though that he owns a a dungeon - a sex club - and immediately worries that he is the exact kind of man her sister warned her not to trust, and certainly never to fall in love with. Draven Rowan is a Master without a submissive, and sees Jasmine as a caged animal desperate for escape. But will she be able to let go and take a chance on love and happiness? Could she trust the Dom in him to love and protect her? Or will she continue to struggle with her sister's trust issues?

“Jasmine, Jasmine,” A female voice called. It sounded familiar; she just couldn’t place it.  It wasn’t her sister’s. No, it must be Patience.
“I think she’s coming around,” the voice said again. Who’s coming around? Jasmine thought. Then it dawned on her: it was she who was coming around, and it all came back to her: the attack, the club, the man and the doctor who said she was bleeding too much for her to do anything about. 
Oh my god, she thought to herself. I am in the hospital and they are going to ask me questions. They are going to blame me. I need to get out of here, now.
“Jasmine.” A deep, resonating voice boomed next to her ear. “Stop struggling. You are going to rip your stitches out.” A hard, warm hand came down on her shoulder, the touch ever so gentle but very overwhelming.
She blinked him into focus. It was Draven, her savior. Draven, Patience’s cousin.  Draven, the man of her dreams come to life. What the hell was she thinking? She had just been attacked. She should not want him to continue touching her. 
“Get your hands off me,” she croaked, her throat painfully sore. 
He removed his hand, but she also wished he hadn’t, as his touch calmed her. But she had to do that on her own. Like her sister always taught her, they only had each other. Her sister was the only one she could depend on to come through for her. She was the only one who was there for her since their parents died. 
Jasmine tried to sit up once again, only to feel Draven’s hand on her shoulder once again. “Don’t sit up. You will hurt yourself.” 
She lay back on the bed and looked to the other side: there stood Patience, with tears in her eyes and makeup all over her face. “You really scared us.” 

JM Schroder (aka Selene Jasper) launched her professional writing career in May of 2012.  From a very early age she has loved to read and loved writing poetry and short stories.  And then one day she woke up from a dream and she knew right then that it was this character talking to her and her first book came into existence.  To date, she has released two books and is currently working on more in the original series.  And has added three more series to her work-in-progress. As her full-time career and hobby, JM writes steamy urban fantasies and erotic romance. 

JM was born and raised in Oregon.  She has three children, dog and a bratty cat.  She looks to everyday life for inspiration on her writing.  She has many muses that also inspire her.  She is forging her way as an author. 

All while she is pursuing a degree in Computer Science/photography.  She will continue to spend time plugging away at her keyboard putting the stories of her characters down on paper so that she can free up some space in her head. 

When JM is not writing or plotting out her next story, JM loves spending time with her kids, reading, and planning her future which will include some hiking, camping, and fun times. 

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