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Fireworks for Four by Kristi Hancock - Blog Tour, Excerpt, Guest Post & Giveaway

FIREWORKS FOR FOUR by Kristi Hancock is an explosive and fiery story of dominance, submission, breaking boundaries, and letting go for just one night. What happens when you’re a young, sexy dancer and you find yourself the object of desire—not just for one man…but three? Well, you light the damn match and see how hot it burns. If you thought WICKED BAD and TRULY SCRUMPTOUS by R.G. Alexander sizzled, then FIREWORKS FOR FOUR will set your sky on fire!

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Title: Fireworks for Four
Author: Kristi Hancock
Series: Sweet Tooth #2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 12th, 2015
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Print Length: 30K
Format: Digital
Digital ISBN: 978-1-62210-243-3

Kick the new year off with a bang!

With few friends and no support from family, ballerina-in-training Caroline Holder pays her bills by working as a nude model. Her financial survival depends on it.

Craig Bishop is a workaholic who achieves his goals because of his tunnel vision when it comes to the things he’s passionate about, which has only been his work—until now. When he sees the beautiful model in body paint at his annual New Year’s Eve Party, it’s love at first sight. Irrepressible feelings for the stranger disrupt his autopilot relationship with his girlfriend, leaving him with the untenable choice of dumping her on the holiday or hiding the most powerful emotional response he’s ever known. Not to mention the new object of his affections has caught the eye of his two friends as well. As he grapples with his own growing desire for the nameless model and her surprising desire to be shared, a Dominant side he never knew he had emerges.

Caroline prides herself on her professionalism, including not talking to clients. She can live out her ultimate sexual fantasy, but only if she breaks the rules. Is one night with three sexy strangers worth the risk?

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Also available
DESSERT FOR TWO, book one in the Sweet Tooth series

“Do you want to test me? To wrap your hands around my prick and see just how hard it is. For you? You want it almost as much as I do, judging by your fists.”
Caroline started quietly panting. She was losing control of her body yet all he was doing was talking to her. In a public room where anyone could hear. Her pussy clenched, and she whispered, “Yes.”
“I know what you want. I know how to give it to you, how to make it happen for you. I can give you what you want tonight. Do you want it?”
She stammered, “I…I don’t know. I’ve never…”
Gabe ran a finger up the seam of her ass. “Never what? Never been fucked here? Are you curious? What else do you want?”
She issued a little moan, too embarrassed to speak but too overcome to remain silent. “Ah, I think I’ve figured it out now. He’s done something to your clit.” He reached his hand around to stroke the front of her thong. “Not a nipple extender. Highly effective but it might show through your costume. But some gel, something with an edge, eucalyptus or capsaicin maybe.”
When she dropped her head back, he removed his hand, letting it hover over the small panties.
“Yes, Caroline, I know what Craig did to you. And Tate knows, doesn’t he? I’ve seen the way he’s watched you tonight, prowling behind you, looking for an opportunity to pounce. Was he there? Did he help?”
Caroline nodded.
“Oh, yeah, baby. You liked it. You like him, too, don’t you? But you don’t know what to do about it. Have you ever had a ménage?”
His head was over her shoulder, his face next to hers as she gave her head a slow shake.
“Would you like to have one?”
The crowd in front of them started the one minute countdown to midnight.
She couldn’t hide her excitement at the prospect of a temporary physical connection with them. “I…I don’t know.”
“Think about it, sweetheart, and think hard. It’s New Year’s Eve. A time for new beginnings. The clock is about to strike twelve, but you’re no Cinderella. You can stay until dawn, if you like. I think you know that’s what we would like. Don’t you?”
Ten, nine, eight…
“You do? All three of you? You would share me?”
Seven, six, five…
“Craig might be a little jealous to begin with, but only until he sees how much satisfaction we can give you together.”
Four, three, two…
“One mouth on each of your beautiful rich breasts, sucking and biting. One mouth on your crotch, licking you from ass to clit.”
One, Happy New Year!

Kristi Hancock became an author of erotica and erotic romance when the characters in her dirty mind demanded to come to life. Creating worlds ranging from the music underground of Seattle to the hot spots of colorful Key West to the vibrant streets of New York City (and the hotel rooms above them), she leads heroes and heroines through intense sexual experiences that transform them into stronger and more confident people. Her racy stories are guaranteed to make you randy. 

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The first thing I did when writing Fireworks for Four was find three super-hot guys who were willing to have sex with me, each other, or both... Just kidding. My husband would not be happy if that’s how I approached my writing. In reality, it goes more like this.

To successfully tell any story, you have to know who’s doing what when. In a romance, an author is usually following a hero and a heroine (or two heroes or two heroines). When you’re writing a novella with four partners, it’s the same. In Fireworks, you’ll meet Caroline, Craig, Gabe, and Tate—and it’s my job to ensure that you know who is doing what when so you can sit back and enjoy the book.

I write what I like to read, and I enjoy meeting main characters one at a time. They might be in a situation with another character, but the scene focuses on introducing you to just one of them. You shouldn’t have to think about who you’re meeting; you should just get to enjoy them. That means I have to know who the characters are—what they’re like and how they differ from each other in looks, personalities, and values—so you can easily tell them apart on the page (or in this case screen) as well as in your head.

Next comes the “what”. In sex scenes, it’s specifically who’s doing what to whom. For me, the trickiest bit isn’t what writers of erotica call “body parts”. If a hand does something, you have to know who it belongs to. That’s where things get challenging for me. In Fireworks, there are three men to keep up with. I can’t just say “his hand”. It has to be Craig’s or Gabe’s or Tate’s hand—but I can’t keep repeatedly using their names because then it’s no fun to read. Getting the right balance is like walking a tightrope, for sure.

Finally, there’s “when”. This is the storyline. Characters come and go as the book progresses. In this case, there are four. For me at least, it’s actually easier to write ménage scenes when all the characters are involved together. They’re all in the same place, all with each other, though in different ways. For example, when Caroline is laid out on Craig’s dining room table as a living serving piece for dessert, then the three men pursuing her walk into the room and none of them were expecting it, what happens next? And in what order? That’s driven by the “who”. If I know my characters, I automatically know what will happen.

That’s how I approach writing a multi-partner romance. Not all of it is simple. As you can guess, there’s a ton of work checking to make sure everything syncs up. But it’s an awful lot of fun to tell a story like this. I just have to tell it well so you can enjoy the results.

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