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Deranged (Ivy Hollow Chronicles, #1) by Niko McQueen - Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway

Deranged by Niko McQueen 
(Ivy Hollow Chronicles, #1) 
Publication date: February 11th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance

Adam Rossmore is a rich party boy who doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s played the orphan card for too long and it’s gotten him out of every DUI, arrest, and fine.

Until now.

When a judge slaps him with community service at the insane asylum, Ivy Hollow, Adam thinks it’s all a joke. Until the doors lock and he starts meeting the residents.

Christian Hale has lived at Ivy Hollow his entire life. He seeks solace in his music—and whatever orderly happens to be nearby.

When Adam hears Christian play the piano for the first time, the music draws him deep into Christian’s web and he must fight an arousal that is both confusing and exciting.

Emily didn't meet his stare, and didn't say a word, just pulled Bobby's door shut and trailed behind her cart. Adam didn't know anything about her, didn't know which side she was playing for, didn't know if there even were sides, but an uneasy feeling clung to his skin like there were layers upon layers to Ivy Hollow and her inhabitants. Emily was nearly a dozen feet away before Adam noticed the shadow lurking in the alcove a few feet from Bobby's door. Christian nearly melted into the darkness, his dark hair cascading down his shoulders and covering half his face.

Adam didn't want to be drawn into his mesmerizing beauty . . . didn't want to acknowledge that something inside him craved more of Christian. His fingers clenched into tight fists until his nails bit into his palms. He wasn't attracted to Christian, he'd only been mistaken because he'd thought he was a girl. Even now, his features were so delicately feminine and a fragility hugged his body with the perfection of this year's labels. As Adam's gaze roamed over Christian, he tried to find something repulsive, but he felt like he was seeing Christian through someone else's eyes. The curve of his jaw, the set of his chin, the graceful line of his neck . . . the shadow draped over his shoulders like a velvet cloak . . . the slender tilt of his chest as it tailored to his thin hips. Adam swallowed as his gaze drifted lower, side to side from the glowing white skin of his long fingers resting gently on his hips, across his waist, and lower.

Lower across the undeniable bulge in his tight, black jeans.

Adam's own cock thickened and he jerked. His eyes flew upward to clash with Christian's and when his lips curved upward in a smile, Adam glared and stomped down the hall to catch up with Emily.
Fuck this place, he thought. And fuck whatever they're putting in the damn water.

Niko currently lives in Charlotte NC with her four crazy roommates. She spends her days watching korean dramas and daydreaming of hunky guys falling in love with each other. She dreams of traveling the world gypsy style with her laptop and spinning awesome love stories.

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