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Last of the Red-Hot Riders (Hell’s Outlaws #2) by Tina Leonard - Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway

Last of the Red-Hot Riders
Hell’s Outlaws # 2
By: Tina Leonard
Releasing May 26, 2015

The toughest rodeo rider in Hell, Texas, discovers his tender side with a feisty cowgirl in this sexy new novel from USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard.
Cameron Dix knows that becoming an elite rider is the first step to realizing her dream: owning a special-needs equestrian academy. Only one thing stands in her way—and he’s big, tall, and sizzles like a Texas steak. Superhunk Saint Markham claims that he isn’t happy about all the women galloping into town, but the heat in his eyes tells Cameron a different story. What else can a fiery redhead do but let her hair down and give in to desire hot enough to melt her saddle?

Saint has seen what happens when women come marching into the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center: Strong men crumble. Problem is, he’s got rivals willing to train a talented lady rider like Cameron. But after one night of passion, he’s branded. And from the moment he kisses her ruby lips, Cameron is his—even if he’s too stubborn to admit it. Now Saint must stake his claim on a life of delicious sin with the woman he loves.

“I’ve made a list,” Cameron said a few hours later as she hopped into his camo-painted truck. “A comprehensive list of everything we might think about doing if we’re going to pull off the biggest, baddest kissing booths anyone has ever seen.”

Saint closed his eyes for a second before pulling away from the small Honeysuckle Bungalow. It was owned by Trace, but Cameron and Harper lived there now. Ava had been a roommate, but her marriage to Trace had left the Belles with an empty room. He glanced over at Cameron, trying not to drink her in and make everything more awkward than it already was between them. She had her springy, long, red locks tied up in a high ponytail, and she had on a blue and white polka-dot dress, the dots so small as to be barely noticeable unless you were staring at her, as he was. Tiny spaghetti straps kept the dress on her body by not much more than air. For a man like Saint who’d seen a lot of ugly things, this much sweetness in his truck was practically mind-boggling. He forced his mind back to business. “A list.”

Her eyes bounced to his, then back to the pad she was holding like a good-luck charm. “We have to be organized. There’s a lot to get ready.”

He didn’t want to make the biggest, baddest booths anyone had ever dreamed up in their small town. The only kissing he wanted to think about involved Cameron’s sweet lips meeting his. “What are the funds being raised for this year?”

“The committee apparently wants to build a school. An elementary school.”

“We don’t have any kids in Hell. In fact, kids don’t belong in Hell.”

“True enough—for now. But the committee believes that may change in the future.”

The committee consisted of Mayor Judy; Sheriff Steel Durant; Dr. Ann Chandler, who took care of the various medical needs in town; Dr. Jack Turner, the vet; Jimmy Merrill, who owned the hardware store and a small grocery; Madame Chen, who owned the florist shop; and Hattie Hanover who ran the local restaurant where good meals were served. Not like Stephen’s— but then again, you couldn’t wind down with a beer at Hattie’s. “So Judy’s really counting on Ava and Trace to start a population boom.”

“The possibility got the committee thinking, but they’ve also had some inquiries from folks from the big city who are looking for some peace and quiet.”

He laughed out loud. “They won’t find peace and quiet in Hell. And what would we name this elementary school? Hell Elementary?”

Cameron closed her notepad. “You know, you don’t have to help with this kissing booth project. I can do it myself.”

“I’m a helpful guy. Happy to help.”

“Sure. Just so you can cut to the front of the line.”

“The front of what line?”

“The lines at the kissing booths.”

“Oh.” He shook his head. “I doubt I’ll be in any line.”

“You’re not a fan of kissing?”

He glanced at her. “I like kissing you.”

She shrugged. “Declan says he’s not even sure you like women.”

“What?” Saint let out a guffaw. “When did he say that?”

“Today.” Cameron’s eyes were serious as she studied him. “The friendly pecks came up, and I said things had been a little awkward between us after that, and Declan said, no way, that he didn’t think you were really into women, that was all. That you didn’t date, hadn’t in years. In fact, couldn’t remember you ever talking about a woman. Said he had to fix you up for proms in high school because you never wanted to ask a girl to go.”

“I’m going to kill him,” Saint muttered under his breath.

All l he wanted to do was kiss her again and see if her lips had really been as soft and sweet as he remembered. The third time would surely be the charm; or maybe it was three strikes and he’d be out. Either way, he was dying to hold her and kiss her for hours—no more of this “peck” crap.

But Cameron had mentioned the A word: awkward. For a guy, that was bad, a real stop sign. A Go Slow sign. Damn.

So stuck between a rock and a hard place—and with a buddy trying to make him sound like some kind of deliberate eunuch—Saint said nothing.

The opening scene had me smiling as I read it. I never expect it to turn out the way it did. When Saint and Cameron finally give into their mutual attraction, the result it pretty hot. Just like in the first book featuring Trace and Ana, the supporting characters in Hell, Texas play an important part in the story. All my favorites are back, Steel, Judy, The Outlaws and the Belles.  Even the woman you love to hate - Ivy. Full of mischief, humor, secrets and romance, you will be entertained from beginning to end. Can't wait for the last Outlaw and Belle to find their HEA.

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USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard has sold over 3 million books, making the USA Today, Waldenbooks, Bookscan, and Ingrambook bestseller lists, and publishing over seventy titles. Her work has been contracted by Random House Loveswept, Samhain Publishing, Harlequin, London Bridge, and most recently Diversion Books. Leonard is known for her sparkling sense of humor, endearing communities, snappy dialogue, and memorable characters that include sexy hunks with attitude and heroines with plenty of sass. Join her at

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