Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Don’t Hold Back by Renee Dominick - Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway

Don’t Hold Back
Renee Dominick
Publication Date: May 14, 2018
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Scorched, Erotic, Contemporary, Romance

There’s only one man for wild child Jenna McCaffrey—her best friend’s sexy grouch of a brother. For years, she’s wanted to get her hungry hands on the straight-laced professor and break his careful control. She’d come so close once… But now, her friend’s wedding party ranch getaway is the perfect opportunity for a do-over. And poor Rob won’t know what hit him.

Professor Rob Lindgren is close to attaining his final dream—tenure. Unfortunately, the university’s morality clause is making his life hell. He’s dying to let loose, and a weekend away from home is just what he needs…until he sees Jenna. She’s exactly as he remembers—still brash, still bold, still damn near irresistible. And Rob is tired of fighting…

Too bad they can only have one wicked weekend together. No way will Jenna’s wild ways ever fit in Rob’s perfectly planned life…

There she was, his template for the “wrong” woman, only today she wasn’t wearing a prom dress and boots, or a graphic T-shirt and low-top Chucks. Or barely there pajamas. Today she looked…practically practical.

“She’s changed, hasn’t she,” Natalie said, tapping him beneath the chin.

Rob firmed his jaw. “No.” Yes. God, yes. She’d cut her long, unruly hair into a dark, sleek style that barely brushed her shoulders, for one thing, and she was wearing a blouse fitted enough to show off her enticing shape. His fingers curled. He’d made himself familiar with that shape once. Only once.

“Thus, the drool,” Natalie muttered, her eyes on her phone. “Give in, Rob. Stop being so bullheaded.”

He glared at his sister sidelong. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Your particular forms of self-denial are…ridiculous.”

He glanced over at the crowd again. Fine, Jenna looked different, on the surface. But he’d bet a future slightly-larger-but-still-cramped office she was the same underneath. Fearless when she should be cautious, playful when she should be serious, and passionate when cool calculation would serve better. And her cowboy boots were pink.

A cloud of dust announced the arrival of Chloe and Dave’s limo. When they emerged from the vehicle—dancing and groping each other—the bridesmaids engulfed them in a shrieking knot. All but Jenna. She stood apart, frowning down at her phone.

There was one thing he could admire about her. For all her brashness, she didn’t scream her excitement. She saved whispers for that.

Shit. Rob stepped to the rear of his limo to grab his bag and his Stetson, in case he needed a shield. He had to give Chloe a kiss hello, then he would haul his ass to the barns and contemplate his future alone. Away from people, and far away from bad influences like Jenna McCaffrey.

Renee Dominick is the spicy alter ego of a Seattle-area writer. She loves the energy of a vibrant, big city, and adores everything about Italy (except maybe squid ink). Besides writing, she gets her thrills skiing, especially at Whistler, and walking down forested roads hoping to encounter local wildlife–black bears excluded.

Her travels, real and imagined, inspire all of her stories.

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