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Your Tempting Love (Bennett Family #5) by Layla Hagen - Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway

Your Tempting Love
The Bennett Family series, book 5
Layla Hagen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: 17th February 2017

Christopher Bennett is a persuasive man. With his magnetic charm and undeniable wit, he plays a key role in the international success of his family’s company. 

Christopher adores his family, even if they can be too meddling sometimes… like when they recommend him to employ Victoria Hensley’s decorating services for his new apartment in an attempt to set him up with her. Christopher isn’t looking to settle down, but meeting Victoria turns his world upside down. Her laughter is contagious, and her beautiful lips and curves are too tempting.

Victoria Hensley is determined not to fall under Christopher’s spell, even though the man is hotter than sin, and his flirty banter makes her toes curl. But Christopher is her client, and she knows better than to get involved with clients. Besides, Victoria isn’t looking for love. After her parents’ death, Victoria is raising her much younger siblings, and she can’t afford any mistakes.

But Victoria and Christopher’s chemistry is not just the sparks-flying kind, but the downright explosive kind. Before she knows it, Christopher is training her brother Lucas for soccer tryouts and reading bedtime stories to her sister Chloe.

Victoria wants to resist him, but Christopher is determined, stubborn, and oh-so-persuasive. 

When their attraction and connection both spiral out of control, will they be able to risk it all for a love that is far too tempting?

Glancing down at my phone, I notice an unread message from Christopher. I must have received it while I was talking with his mother.

Christopher: I have a problem.

Oh crap. I wonder what he wants to change in the setup of his apartment. I inspect Christopher's folder on my laptop. I have a list of all the items he seemed interested in beside the ones he signaled as “the ones.” In my experience, people sometimes change their mind up to one week after the shopping trip. When that happens, they often prefer an item they saw in passing to the one they decided on. In the early days, this led to a lot of back-and-forth hassle, which is why I try to jot down most of the items they seem interested in. It's also why I don't actually order the items after the first visit. I just check the estimated delivery date, and if one week later nothing changes, I place the order. With Christopher's file in front of me, I text back.

Victoria: What is it?

A few minutes pass before he answers.

Christopher: I can't take my mind off a certain brunette I met recently.

I have to reread the message three times before the meaning of his words sinks in. When it does, a lightness settles in my chest. I type and delete a few times, wondering what on earth would be an appropriate answer. Yet the longer I stare at my phone, the more tempted I am not to reply with something appropriate. In the end, curiosity gets the better of me.

Victoria: Why not?

I'm on pins and needles the entire time I wait for him to write back. An eternity seems to pass in the thirty seconds—not that I'm counting—it takes for his reply to appear on my screen.

Christopher: Because I like everything I know about her so far.

OhGod OhGod OhGod. He's not done yet; I can see that by the tiny dots appearing on the screen, indicating he's typing. I hold my breath, drumming my fingers on my desk, staring at the screen the entire time.

Christopher: She's smart and sassy, and beautiful. I've never met anyone who's so devoted to her siblings outside of my family. And she makes great cookies.

Until now, I never understood the concept of swooning. My entire body buzzes with awareness and emotion, and I'm at a loss for what to say. This man. He's a dream and danger all rolled into one, and I have absolutely no idea what to write back. My fingers are moving on the screen of their own accord.

Victoria: Cookies are really important to you, huh? 

I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it

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