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Kabana Wild & Jamaica Wild (Tropical Duet #1 & #2) by Josie Jax - Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Kabana Wild
Tropical Duet #1
Josie Jax
Released March 1st, 2016
Loose ID

Three people...three depraved inferno of scandalous pleasures.

Movie star Mitch Wulfrum is tired of deflecting the gay rumors buzzing around him. It's time for drastic measures to suppress them once and for all--even if it means marriage in name only to the first trophy wife he can get his hands on. And beautiful sugar-cane princess Kiona 'Alohi fits right into his plan.

Kiona can't believe her luck when she's presented with Mitch's proposition. Her overbearing father is dangling her trust fund over her head as an enticement to dump her oh-so-sexy, but oh-so-unsuitable lover, Nakolo. A bogus marriage to Mitch will net her everything she wants--money and love, even if she can only have Kol on the sly.

What she doesn't expect are the sexual sparks that fly between her and Mitch, or, when Kol catches them together, the heat that flares between the two men. One scandalously pleasurable encounter after another fans the flames of attraction, until they begin to dream that all three of them could have everything they ever wanted--and more than they ever expected.

An intricate, fragile web of lies and deceit are all that keep their wanton secrets from erupting into the public eye. Trouble is, one scheming photographer named Anjelee has already clicked the shutter that could ruin all their lives.

Jamaica Wild
Tropical Duet #2
Josie Jax
Released April 5th, 2016
Loose ID

Hiding in plain sight at a nude Caribbean resort with her best friend Keefer seems to be the perfect plan for paparazzi photographer Anjelee while she awaits the blackmail funds to hit her offshore account.

But her plans go awry when Jager tracks her to sultry Karibu Resort and threatens to extradite her back to the U.S. and see her imprisoned for her crime. As PR agent to a famous Hollywood celebrity who Anjelee has blackmailed, Jager's loyalties lie with his employer, movie star Mitch Wulfrum.

Or do they?

As soon as Jager steps foot onto the anything-goes island and sees the gorgeous Anjelee and handsome Keefer living it up in the buff, it's as if Jager's been drugged. Before he can get Anjelee in handcuffs and haul her back to jail where she belongs, Jager finds himself smoldering in the Jamaican heat and entangled in the couple's hedonistic web of lust.

Kabana Wild: Tropical Duet 1 by Josie Jax

Nakolo leaned slightly back and crossed his arms, acutely aware his forearms and his dick were both mere inches from Mitch. He longed to step closer and become engulfed by that seductive, manly heat again. But first, he wanted the man to face what had just happened between them. “Go ahead, deny it. Deny that you didn’t enjoy me touching you just now in the pool.”
Kiona gasped but wisely didn’t say a word in response.
Nakolo inhaled to calm his rapid heartbeat, fully prepared and determined to get the facts on the table. After all, this was a man with a plan to marry—to steal—the woman Nakolo loved. But Nakolo was through with letting the other men in Kiona’s life slice him right out of the fucking picture. In this case, he’d sensed something that might be the key to some leverage. No way was he keeping it to himself, even if it meant shocking Kiona with the truth about his own secret desires. It was a risky trump card, but it seemed she was determined to marry another man anyway, which didn’t bode well for Nakolo’s future with her.
Unless the look he’d seen in her eyes when she’d spied Nakolo’s hand down Mitch’s pants turned out to be what he suspected…
“What…what are you talking about?” Kiona gripped the edge of the table and pulled herself forward in her chair to an erect sitting position. Her shocked gaze swung from man to man.
But was that also lust she attempted to conceal in her expression? Gods of Hawaii, please let it be true.
There was only one way to find out. His usual frankness. “I think you already know. You saw me fondling him in the water. And whether he’s prepared to admit it or not, we both enjoyed it. Do you understand what I’m saying, Ki?”
“Jesus.” Mitch’s face went pale. He groaned and dropped his head back, staring up at the night sky. “Jesus fucking Christ.”
“Y-you’re telling me you’re…” She let out a long, slow breath, her sparkling eyes latched on to Nakolo’s. “You’re gay?”
“Bicurious might be the best way to put it, at least for now. Until it can be…explored more.” Nakolo shrugged mentally. What difference did the truth make now? She was marrying another man. But God, it felt good to finally admit it out loud!
She pressed a trembling hand to her heart. He heard her swallow. “Are you serious?”
“As shit.”
“Speaking of shit, I think I’ve had enough for one night.” Mitch spun on his heel to leave.
Kiona scrambled up, her seat scraping on concrete, and raced toward him. She clasped both hands around his arm and tugged, managing to halt his flight. “Please. Please don’t go. W-we have things yet to discuss. Apparently, a lot more than I ever dreamed of.”
“Dreamed? Are you telling me you’re okay with what your boyfriend just accused me of?”
There was a long pause. A wave rolled in, slamming against the rocky shore below. Nakolo held his breath, waiting for what seemed like eons as the song of the sea played in the background.
“Yes.” Finally, that one word came out soft, almost tender. It spoke to Nakolo more than anything she’d ever said to him. “I’m wondering if he’s right.”
Mitch yanked his arm free. His jaw set. He spoke through his teeth. “So we’re back to that, are we? Believing the tabloids?”
Kiona planted her hands on her hips. Her robe gaped open, the edges of the terrycloth barely covering her nipples. She ignored Mitch’s distracted, penetrating stare that seemed to drop to her cleavage like a lead ball.
“It has nothing to do with tabloids and everything to do with what I just saw with my own eyes. I’ll admit, it seemed like the fantasy came out of nowhere, but yes, it surprisingly turned me on to see the two of you so close. Kol naked, with his hand down your pants. The look of reluctant lust on your faces. Both of you climbing out of the water with indisputable erections.” She inhaled and then exhaled. “Oh yeah, a lot of women would find that very arousing.”
Just hearing her words and watching their interplay made Nakolo go hard again. The two of them were beautiful, the perfect female and male specimens. He’d touched them both, and he knew intimately the night-and-day differences between them.
His balls drew up, and blood drained into his cock, making him ache to be sandwiched between the two. But he held to his spot, forcing himself to watch this heated, red-blooded exchange.
Across the patio, Mitch sought out Nakolo’s gaze. The touch of it was like a firm yet reluctant caress. He looked back at Kiona and dragged a hand down the sleeve of her robe. “You’re telling me you want this?”
She didn’t answer at first, only stood there and shuddered at his touch while her attention shifted to Nakolo. “Babe?”
“Please tell me I didn’t read this wrong.”
He couldn’t help chuckling. Nakolo crossed the space, stopping right in front of them. His gaze moved in a slow trek from Mitch’s strikingly handsome face to the deep cavern of Ki’s cleavage. Diamonds of water glistened there, making Nakolo long to rip the robe off and slurp up every drop while Mitch watched. Instead, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans and considered her words. He wondered how it was that he could have felt such intense betrayal and anger for these two stunning creatures only moments ago and yet now crave them both without thinking of his own self-respect.
He lifted one hand, cupping her jaw and tipping it up, forcing her to look deep into his eyes. “No. You don’t have it wrong. I figure I could already be on the losing end of this deal by letting you marry him anyway. So why not? Why not finally admit my secret?”
“To be with a man?” she asked breathily, her chest rising and falling.

Josie Jax is the new pseudonym for a USA Today bestselling author of erotic romances in various genres. She lives in the Midwest and dreams of becoming a crazy cat lady by rehabbing an old barn into a fancy mansion for stray cats and stranded kittens.

Please visit Josie’s website or feel free to email her at

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