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Fiancee for Hire by Tawna Fenske - Spotlight, Excerpt & Giveaway

Thank you for joining us for 7 nights of laughter where we will be highlighting the queen of laughter, Tawna Fenske, her laugh out loud until your stomach hurts books, a special sale and giveaway! Today we are featuring Fiancée for Hire, book 2 in the Front and Center series. So kick back, relax and get ready to fill your ereader with books guaranteed to liven up your reading time.

Pick up Fiancée for Hire for the limited time steal of just $1.99 & enter to win an Entangled book mug!

Former Marine MacArthur Patton has made a small fortune on top-secret government contracts and black-ops missions, but his new assignment involves something more dangerous—marriage.

Well, fake marriage anyway.

To keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists, Mac has to secure a fiancée. A sweet, demure, compliant fiancée to serve as his arm candy for a few weeks while he completes the covert arms deal in Mexico. His sister claims to know just the woman, and sends her best friend to play the role.

“Sweet” and “demure” aren’t in Kelli Landers’s repertoire. A badass veterinarian who neuters big dogs and bigger men on a regular basis, she can’t wait to bring Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Detached to his knees. Her longtime crush on the commitment-phobe makes her plan to seduce him even sweeter.

Love wasn’t part of the plan, but the deeper Mac and Kelli fall into their ruse, the more danger they attract, until more than just their hearts are on the line…

So your brother—”

“Right, sorry,” she said as Kelli began swabbing the cat’s love spuds with disinfectant. “That’s actually what I came here to talk about. You know how you’ve lusted after Mac since—well, um, puberty?”

“Of course. Your brother is hot.”

“And you know how he’s barely aware you exist?”

Kelli picked up her scalpel and quirked an eyebrow at Sheri. “Are you planning to make a point here?”

“Right. Yes, definitely.” Sheri cleared her throat as Kelli poised her scalpel for the first incision. “Will you marry my brother?”

Kelli blinked, then slid her scalpel through the cat’s scrotum. “This is always how I imagined my first marriage proposal.”

“I’m serious,” Sheri said as Kelli focused on the incision. “Well, sorta. See, Mac has this business deal. And he needs a fiancée to pull it off. A fake fiancée. That’s where you come in.”

Kelli slid the cat’s testicles out, marveling for the millionth time that they were the exact size and color of a pair of great northern beans. Maybe she should make white chili for dinner.

“What does Mac’s top-secret military bullshit have to do with marriage?”

“He can’t tell me much,” Sheri said, looking away as Kelli began tugging the testicle to break down the ligament. “That’s the nature of top-secret military bullshit, as you put it.”

“I’m sure that’s what it says in the contract.”

“Right. Anyway, here’s what I know. Mac told a fib to land a deal. He said he has a fiancée, and now he needs to produce one quickly so he can close the deal. You’d need to spend a couple weeks in Todos Santos, Mexico. You’d attend a few functions, play the doting bride-to-be, collect a ridiculous amount of money for your trouble, and say goodbye at the end of it.”

Kelli felt her heart kick up a notch. “Todos Santos?”

“You know it?”

She nodded, feeling a bubble of excitement low in her belly. “They’ve got an enormous feral cat colony. I’ve always wanted to do a spay-and-neuter clinic there.”


“I even applied for the permits and made contact with some volunteers over there who could assist. I just never had the time or the money or—”

“Money’s no object with Mac,” Sheri said, waving a dismissive hand. “He’s a private contractor with a jillion government contracts and endless military resources. None of us are exactly sure what he does, but it’s very lucrative.”

“He’s paying me to marry him?”

“To pretend to marry him. You’d be well compensated for your time if you’re willing to play the fiancée role for a few weeks. You just need to be compliant, soft-spoken, beautiful, sweet, demure, and drama-free.”

Kelli raised an eyebrow. “You’re aware you just gave a complete list of antonyms for my personality.”

“Well, you are beautiful.”

“Thanks. It all sounds so romantic,” she deadpanned. “Will Mac throw in a ride on a white stallion before we trot into the sunset to make beautiful babies and live happily ever after?”

“You’re allergic to horses, afraid of babies, and horrified by commitment.”

“Do I at least get to bang your brother?”


Find out what happens next and get ready to laugh so hard you will have tears running down your face. Pick up your copy for just $1.99!

Tawna Fenske is a fourth-generation Oregonian who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist. Her offbeat brand of romance has received multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, one of which noted, “There’s something wonderfully relaxing about being immersed in a story filled with over-the-top characters in undeniably relatable situations. Heartache and humor go hand in hand.”

Tawna lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, step-kids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets. She loves hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, and inventing excuses to sip wine on her back porch. She can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year.

To learn more about all of Tawnas books, visit www.tawnafenske.com

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