Saturday, August 8, 2015

Her Favorite Cowboy by Mary Leo - Promo Tour & Fun Facts

Her Favorite Cowboy
by Mary Leo
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Cowboy Romance

Back In The Saddle:

Gage Remington needs a place to start over, and Durango, Colorado, is it. By reconciling with his rancher grandfather while attending the annual Zane Grey conference, Gage hopes he can begin repairing past damage. It doesn't occur to Gage that his heart needs fixing, too, until he meets gorgeous doctor Cori Parker. And he's sure his troubled past will send the single mom running.

Since her husband's tragic accident, Cori's been focusing on her family. Though she's deeply attracted to the banker-turned-buckaroo, Gage is a wild card, and Cori can't let anyone bring her life crashing down again. Still, she realizes Gage's finally ready to be the man—and the cowboy—he always wanted to be. But will Cori be part of his future, or one more regret from his past?

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1. I just recently quit my day job, and moved to Las Vegas so I can write full time.
2. My absolute favorite color is pink. 
3. I own far too many tea pots and tea cups yet I can't pass up a really great cup or pot.
4. I LOVE hot tea, especially English tea from Fortnum and Mason or Harrods.
5. I'm addicted to The Grand Hotel even though it's over-the-top with drama, and it's in Spanish.
6. I'm a morning person and do my best writing and plotting between 5 am and 8 am.
7. I'm owned by a calico cat named Sophie. 
8. I love real American Cowboys.
9. I was lucky enough to see the Beatles preform live, on stage, three times. 
10. I grew up on the south side of Chicago.
11. I've been keeping a journal since I was 13 years old.
12. I have two beautiful adult children, two adorable grandchildren, and the absolute best husband in the world.
13. I love sexy shoes.
14. I try to eat only organic foods, no preservatives, additives, natural flavors, and try to stay away from grains of all kinds.
15. I love to travel, especially with my hubby on a road trip.
16. Every time I attend a Zane Grey West Society conference, I usually return home with a couple ideas for books.
17. I'm a news junkie.
18. I can't swim.
19. I love good quality chocolate.
20. Sitting around a table, shooting the breeze with my girlfriends, is one of my very favorite activities. 
21. I love meeting my readers, whether in person or online. 
22. I love making a new friend.
23. I adore strong women and love being in their company. 
24. I always have goals, and I'm always perusing new ones.
25. I've learned to settle for MORE, and I never, ever, ever give up! 

USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and mystery. She loves to travel for research while she’s writing a book, or for that matter, even when she’s not writing a book . . . which always leads to yet another book.

Mary grew up on the Southside of Chicago in the tangle of a big Italian family where she learned the art of story from her creative mamma who would craft a wondrous tale each night at bedtime, and where Mary developed an appreciation for fine Italian cuisine from her colorful aunts and uncles.

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