Friday, June 20, 2014

The Sweet Temptation of Whiskey by Charlene M. Martin - Cover Reveal

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Stone Black is a successful businessman who has demons in his closet. He is broken- maybe even beyond repair. He has never been in a successful relationship, because he doesn’t let anyone get close enough.

Anaya Cole has recently come into money and she is looking to invest. Mr. Black offers to help Anaya invest her inheritance So that she can open her abuse center.

Their attraction is overwhelming, but Anaya doesn’t want to want him. After all he’s a man-whore.

Ms. Cole has penetrated my mind and I just can’t seem to get her out of it. I have to have her, so have her I will. If it’s the last goddamn thing I ever do. I will screw her until she can’t walk and I will move on with my life just like I have always done.

Once Anaya tastes the whiskey on his breath, she can’t stop. She craves more, and when her head and her heart collide, she is left with an important decision – walk away or risk being burned?

After all, Whiskey never felt so good.



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Stone Black


A loud Whack erupts as the belt slaps against her thighs. I shudder as I hear him scream, “You dirty fucking whore!” as he brings the belt across her back. Her cries are soul piercing loud.

She begs, “Please, please stop!” He ignores her requests and hits her again, smack across her tear streaked face. Her body quivers, as he yells once again, “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” I anxiously watch as he unzips his fly. He grips his dick and shoves it in her face. He then roars, “Suck my dick you filthy bitch!”

I'm paralyzed with fear, but at the same time I feel the need to save her. I chance looking over at her and see her seated in one of our kitchen chairs, hands tied behind her back. Her legs are spread wide as he stands between them forcing her to suck his cock. They think I’m sleeping in the corner, but in fact I’m watching them from my makeshift bed on the floor. I see his balls draw up, and he grabs a fist full of her hair and rips her head back to stop her just before he comes.

He instructs her to kneel on the chair. Her right leg is on the floor steading her. I watch his hand draw back then whip forward to slap her ass. As she yelps from the sting he shoves his dick inside of her. I don’t want to watch but for some reason I can’t take my eyes off of them. He pumps into her smacking her ass sporadically. Her tears turn into cries of pleasure and I watch as she becomes breathless.


That was my childhood, my drunken mother bringing home her abusive low life boyfriends. They would beat the shit out of her, then fuck her senseless and I got to watch it all. By the time I became fifteen I had seen enough sex too fuck like a porn star. The problem being that I started to get off on watching these various men fuck my mother. I know it’s disturbing, but it was arousing on some level. I would listen to them fucking while jacking off in my room, soon that wasn’t enough. I needed that release myself and I have been chasing it ever since.

Some women call me a stone cold son of a bitch. While others are convinced, that I’m some sort of SEXGOD. They believe I have the power to bring them multiple orgasms. They get what they want and I get what I want so it all seems to work out for the best.


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