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Review - Love with a Perfect Cowboy (Cupid, Texas #4) by Lori Wilde


Title: Love with a Perfect Cowboy

Series: Cupid, Texas (#4)

Format: Kindle Edition

Source: Author




New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde returns to Cupid, Texas, and asks the question: Do you ever forget your first love?

Melody Spencer had long-ago wiped the dust of Cupid, Texas, off her cute shoes . . . and done her best to forget the chiseled jaw and strong arms of cowboy Luke Spencer. Their families might be part of a long-time feud, but he was her very first love, even if it turned out they never wanted the same things.

But now Luke's come striding back into her life, tempting her with the memories of long, lazy evenings and hot, passionate kisses. And he has an ulterior motive—as Mayor of Cupid, he knows Melody's business savvy can help save their beloved hometown. His smooth talking might get her to Texas, but that doesn't mean he'll get her in his bed. Still, people do say love can be more perfect the second time around...



Great ending to the Cupid, TX series!

I loved Melody and Luke’s story!

Melody left her hometown of Cupid, Texas and has been living in New York working in the PR industry. Just when she thinks that she’s about to get a promotion, her boss fires her for being too honest. Her day just gets worse when she arrives at the apartment she shares with her boyfriend to discover that he’s removed her belongings and left them with the doorman.

Luke arrives in New York in search of Melody for two reasons. Cupid is experience a severe drought and tourism is down. This has affected all the business in town and Luke hopes Melody can come up with a good plan to help drive tourists to Cupid. Melody is also the girl that Luke has not been able to forget in the fifteen years since she left town.

A family feud similar to Juliet and Romeo separated them when they were in high school, but now they are in New York away from their families. Melody cannot deny their chemistry and decides that she would like to have one night with Luke with no strings attached.   When Luke returns to Cupid, he offers Melody a job with the city to boost tourism while she finds another job in New York.

With both of them in Cupid and the family feud still going strong, Melody and Luke have a hard time fighting their feelings while keeping the town in the dark about their growing relationship.   Will their love be enough to overcome decades of fighting? Read the book and find out!

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