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Review - Night Child (Night Series #3) by Lisa Kessler


Title: Night Child

Author: Lisa Kessler

Publisher: Entangled: Edge

Date Published: April 28, 2014

Pages: 304

Format: ebook

Source: Purchased for self






A psychic gift...

Muriah La Deaux's latest job requires her to locate an ancient codex detailing a prophecy of an immortal birth. But before she can deliver it, her client is brutally murdered. Now a man with chaos in his eyes wants the codex she's hiding.

An immortal child...

Issa is one of the original Night Walkers, a proud protector of the mortal world. Now, when the survival of his entire race rests on protecting an unborn child, Issa is the only immortal strong enough to protect Muriah on a risky mission--locate the lost scrolls that will trap their foe--but his tenuous grasp on his sanity is slipping.

The ultimate sacrifice... 

Muriah's headstrong spirit awakens feelings in Issa that are best left buried. But as the battle between love and chaos ensues, sacrifices must be made...


 This book is the conclusion to The Night series. Although it can be read as a standalone, I would recommend you read the books in order to fully understand all of the characters.

As the ancient Mayan god of the west, Night Walker Issa, feels he is losing his sanity after all the sacrifices and spilled blood he is responsible for. Among those, the woman he loved and his brother, the god of the north. The death of his brother leaves an imbalance in the world and leaves the Night Walkers vulnerable. Their only hope is an unborn child, who will be the god of the north reborn, carried by a human woman, Gretchen. The Night Walkers have a prophecy about this, but the codex has been lost and no one knows if the baby is immortal in the womb or until after it is born.

Muriah is human, but knows of the existence of the Night Walkers. Gretchen’s partner Lukas is a Night Walker and has been watching over her family for generations. Muriah has the gift of ` and uses it to located ancient artifacts. She has located the codex for one of her clients/boyfriend, but he is murdered before she can tell him.

The God of Chaos sees the vulnerability of the Night Walkers and his chance to rule. If he can get the child and hold him, he knows he can control the Night Walkers and have them do his bidding. Issa and Muriah join forces to put distance between him and the unborn child, while at the same time finding a way to trap him again.

During their adventure, Muriah and Issa fall in love with each other. It is not easy as Muriah wants what Issa cannot give her, a family to carry on her family’s legacy. For Issa, he has been alone for so long and has sacrificed so much, that he does not think he deserves to be loved. Muriah shows him that she can look past his duty and into his heart. The chemistry between the two is hot, but so is the tenderness.

I loved this book and it has a wonderful ending to the series.

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