Monday, May 12, 2014

New Release: Ex Convict by Ashley Beale

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Hope Manson ruled her school senior year. When a girl in her class, Jenny, spreads a rumor about Hope, an attempt of getting even ends with Jenny dead and Hope in prison for man-slaughter. Six years later, she is let out with one goal in mind- to make a difference. 
A difference for Jenny. 
Hope will be anything but selfish. 

Wes Styles is a arrogant and rude. 
He is controlling, self obsessed, and just plain mean. 
And Hope likes it. She wants someone to treat her like dirt, as a reminder of what she did. 
Plus, if someone treats her like horribly, she can't fall in love- right? Because falling in love is the most selfish thing you can do. 

Wes Styles loves women. He loves when they're calling his name, making him come, or digging nails into his back. He does not fall in love with women. 
When Wes meets Hope, he is immediately intrigued by the fact she likes being treated like nothing more than a pile of dirt. 
And he knows she is holding a dark secret. 
But he doesn't want to know what this secret is, because when he finds out the truth, he may leave. And for the first time in his life, he doesn't want to. 

Warning: This story deals with topics not suitable for everyone, including self harm and bullying. Recommended for mature adults, 18+ in age, due to intense sexual situations, violence, and strong language.

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