Thursday, April 4, 2019

Marry Me by Alexandria Bishop - Cover Reveal

Marry Me
Alexandria Bishop
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 9th

Dear Assbutt Douchenozzle Anders,

You’re cordially invited to stop messing around with my emotions. You had your chance and like a coward, ran away when it got too difficult. Couldn’t you handle wanting your best friends, little sister? You didn’t want me bad enough?

Like I said—coward.

Well, guess what? You lost your chance and now I’m engaged to someone who isn’t you. Thank. God. But I’m going to be the bigger person here—for the sake of my brother—and truly hope you can make the wedding, and join in on all of the festivities. I hope you don’t choke on the champagne. Or do. Whatever.

Sincerely,The One Who Got Away Giselle

Born on a small southeastern island in Alaska and raised in southern Oregon, Alexandria Bishop is a PNW girl at heart. By day, she goes to battle with a tiny dictator aka her toddler and by night, she can be found typing ALL the words of her contemporary romance novels accompanied by a glass of wine or two ;)

When she’s not in mommy or author mode, she can be found drinking copious amounts of cold brew coffee, bingeing her latest obsession on Netflix, or attending concerts of her favorite pop-punk bands.

She loves hearing from her readers and you can find her on social media.

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