Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Starstruck Holidays - Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway

Heat up your holidays with four out of this world, MM sci-fi romance novellas from five bestselling authors.

Starstruck Holidays
Jennifer Loring, B. Leslie Tirrell, Merryn Dexter, Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis
Genre: MM Sci-Fi Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2016

From Jennifer Loring: NO ONE ON EARTH ~ Erukkass has located his deceased lover in another dimension and refuses to leave without him. Jon, grieving a devastating loss, turns to the native legend of Handsome Fellow for comfort. When he and Erukkass meet, can they forge a future together, or will two timelines that have always intersected, no matter when or where, finally be forced to diverge?   

From Merryn Dexter: CONJUNCTION ~ The mystical Conjunction of the moons of Elexon sets two men on a collision course. A pirate and a prince — nothing in common but the attraction burning between them. What starts as a fling soon grows serious, but a relationship built on a foundation of secrets and constructed from lies is no relationship at all.

From B. Leslie Tirrell: ARIZONA IMPULSE ~ Ambassador Kallell Tezak, the youngest member of the Galaxy Alliance, overhears two of his fellow ambassadors conspiring to take control of the device that protects the galaxy from famine. Kallell knows it is his duty to stop them, but he also wants to enjoy his favorite holiday, Genzebe. Kallell might even summon the bravery to confess his love for the shy and serious Esten Lazzaro—his second in command.

From Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis: FIRST CONTACT ~ Fugitive Tristan Hawthorne escapes imprisonment only to crash-land on an unidentified, uncharted planet where he faces an alien who stirs passions he thought were long buried. With one working ship and a failing planetary cloaking device, it’s a short time till humans discover Oria and Tristan is recaptured. Under the starry, moonlit sky of the holiday Jainfest, the men learn to overcome their feelings of fear and distrust, and wind up finding out they aren’t so different after all.

First Contact by Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis

You sure stepped in the shit this time. Wearing a hoodie to hide most of his face, Tristan scowled as he entered the run-down, hole-in-the-wall bar on the outskirts of what used to be Atlanta, Georgia. It was hard to believe a planet could go to hell at the hands of the government in fifteen years.

There was a time Tristan defended the same government. Corruption and too many egos leading the defense departments of the United Nations led to a third world war.  Countries fought with each other and against their own. No one body of government gave up until all resources had been expended.

The whole planet lay in ruins with little clean water and food. What few towns left livable didn’t like strangers. Like Atlanta.

“What’ll you have?”

Tristan glanced at the bartender, taking in the tattoos covering both arms, disappearing under the sleeve of his black T-shirt and reappearing out of the collar to climb up his neck. The guy was large, muscular, and his presence was dark. Definitely not the type of guy to fuck with.


“All out.”

Working his jaw, Tristan grumbled a curse before growling out, “Whiskey.”

With a short nod, Mr. Tats grabbed a glass and poured the caramel-colored liquor. Setting the glass in front of him, Tats leaned in, a sneer on his lips. “If you’re looking for trouble, this isn’t the place.”

“Noted.” Tristan downed the whiskey, loving the burn as it slid down his throat. After tossing a few bills on the counter, he headed to the door. He didn’t have to explain himself to anyone. And he damn sure didn’t need to take shit from anyone.

So he was out of there.

And off the dying planet.

When he got a few feet from the door, it flew open, revealing a dozen armed officers. Fuck me. Tristan ducked into the crowd, rushing to the back door. It was too late. The police were already inside barking orders. One of the fucktards stepped into Tristan’s path, gun raised in his face. “You, come with us.”

Fuck that shit.

Relying on his military training as well as the skills he’d learned on the street, Tristan gripped the gun barrel and kicked one foot out, tripping the officer. He fell while yelling into his radio, “Fugitive is on the run!”

Tristan didn’t waste time, darting out the back door. Pushing his legs as fast as they could go, he exited the alley just as two more officers came out of the front of the bar.

“There he is!”

Damn it. Tristan fired the gun, not really aiming for anyone or sticking around to see if he hit one of them. He was already up for murder charges. What’s one more?

He ground his teeth. Murder his ass. He’d been framed and he needed to stay out of prison long enough to prove it.

His chest tightened as guilt rose to the surface. Austin Brass wasn’t only his captain, but his lover. They’d grown up together and later joined the academy and then flight school. When they were assigned to the same fleet and ship, they kept their relationship on the down low at first.

Then Austin discovered a traitor in the fleet, selling classified information to other species. Gregor Walton was not going to get away with destroying Earth, nor was he going to get away with framing Tristan for murder.