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Dear Mr. Weaver (Mail Order Bride Ink #1) by Kit Morgan - Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway

DEAR MR. WEAVER by bestselling western romance author, Kit Morgan, is the first in her much anticipated Mail Order Bride Ink Series. Welcome to Nowhere, a town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and in Daniel Weaver’s case, his business is that he needs a wife. Enter Ebba Knudson, who wonders why everyone in Nowhere looks at her with such curiosity. What does the future hold for Daniel and Ebba? Can they make their unconventional marriage work? Will there be a happily ever after for these two wayward hearts?

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Dear Mr. Weaver
Mail Order Bride Ink #1
Kit Morgan
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2016
Publisher: Self Published
Print Length: 244 pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
Digital ISBN: B01EZ4NPJ4
Paperback ISBN: 978-1533127044

Daniel Weaver was ready for a wife. His three older brothers had been married for several years and now it was his turn. So, like his brothers Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin, he sends for a mail-order bride, with a little help from their cousin Matthew of course. After all, he helped his brothers write their letters to their prospective brides, so why not him? But when the letter from his bride comes, it’s got more than her acceptance of his proposal written in it. Worse, it gets picked up and read by the town’s worst gossip, Nellie Davis.

Ebba Knudson can’t figure out why folks in her intended’s town of Nowhere would be giving her such odd looks. It was bad enough she had other things to deal with by coming to the Washington territory to marry a farmer, but now this? Was there something wrong with her future husband? Or just with her? Of which she knew there was plenty. Enough to make her think she might not get married at all…

Enjoy this sweet, historical, western romance and the first book in this laugh out loud new series!

“Ah, sweetie, ya poor thing. Ya must be plumb miserable. Do ya know what’s wrong?”

“Of course I know what’s wrong!” she yelped, then sneezed again. “It’s just that I don’t know what to do about it!” More sneezing.

Daniel swallowed hard, trying to figure out what to do, then reached into his pocket, pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to her. “Here, take this.”

She grabbed at empty air, unable to see it, until he put it in her hand. She immediately blew her nose with it, then promptly sneezed some more.

“Great jumpin’ horny toads!” Daniel exclaimed. “I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this!”

“You’re not helping,” she groaned, and blew her nose again.

Daniel, unsure of what else to do, began to chuckle. “I’m sorry, sweetie, it’s just that I ain’t never seen someone sneeze so much.”

“Well, I have, just about every day of my life!”

Daniel laughed. “I still don’t believe it.”

“You have eyes, don’t you?” She pointed at herself, sniffled, and sneezed again.

“Ain’t there no way to make it stop?” he asked helplessly.

“If there was, do you think I’d be standing here like this?!” she asked tersely.

“No need to bite my head off. I was just askin’.”

“Your mother … achoo!  achoo! … gave me something yesterday … sniff … it seemed to help.”

Daniel nodded, pulled her against him, then picked her up.

“What are you doing?” she screeched.

“Gettin’ ya back to the house as fast as I can ‘fore ya plumb sneeze yerself to death!”

“I’m not going to sneeze myself to death!” The only reason she knew that was that if it were possible, she’d have been dead a long time ago. “Put me down!”

“Nope,” he said firmly. “Yer eyes are so full of tears ya can’t see straight anyways. Yer liable to walk right into a tree and knock yerself out.”

She couldn’t even answer – the sneezes were coming thick and fast now.

“Land sakes, darlin’, don’t die on me! We ain’t even married yet!”

“No one is … achoo! … dying!” she whined. Though the thought did have merit – at least she wouldn’t be sneezing anymore.

Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet and clean stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. Kit likes fun and romance, and there’s plenty of both in her books. Kit resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a little log cabin on Clear Creek, from which her fictional town from her Prairie Brides and Prairie Grooms series are named after.

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