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Wrapped in You (The Monroe's #1) by Jules Bennett - Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Wrapped in You
The Monroe's #1
Jules Bennett
Released March 29th, 2016
Kensington: Zebra

The Monroe brothers found a home in Haven, Georgia, thanks to the big-hearted couple who adopted them all. Now, grieving their late sister, these three very different men will come together to honor her memory. And with the help of some unforgettable women, each will find the chance to build a whole new future…

Zach Monroe has made mistakes—big ones. The worst left the girl he loved injured, and his own brother barely speaking to him. It was a night Zach won’t let himself forget, even when the girl in question—perfect, polished Sophie Allen—walks back into his life. A realtor, Sophie’s brought an offer for their sister’s dilapidated Civil War era property. But Zach’s determined to renovate the rambling old place himself—though he longs to rebuild Sophie’s trust in him…

A business deal isn’t how Sophie wanted to approach Zach after all this time, but he won’t let anyone get personal. She can’t deny that the accident changed her life in irreparable ways. But watching gruff, quiet Zach beat himself up year after year hurts too. The wounded boy she once adored needed love, and the man is no different. Now Sophie will need every bit of her resolve to convince Zach to let love heal them both…

Sophie let herself into her cottage, all while juggling four grocery bags full of total crap food that had an insane amount of calories. This day called for ice cream of epic proportions as well as salty chips to follow, for the perfect balanced diet.
Kicking her front door shut, she headed toward the back of the house and into her kitchen, where she dumped her purse and the bags on the center island. Digging through her purchases, she was torn between the chunky chocolate chip and the strawberry with the cheesecake bites.
“Decisions, decisions,” she muttered as her cat, Flynn, slithered against the back of her legs.
Choosing the chocolate for now—because chocolate was a staple for emergencies—Sophie put the other ice cream away for later. She didn’t have to settle for just one pint tonight, right?
Toeing off her ballet flats, she padded to the living room, where she sank onto her bright red sofa. Having all three Monroe brothers in her office had been quite an experience. They were all so different, but the stubborn trait was one common thread. She’d known calling them all in at the same time would be risky, given the ever-present tension between Zach and Liam, not to mention her own issues with Zach. She’d also known she was taking a big chance with upsetting Braxton, but she knew that of all the brothers, he was the most levelheaded and wouldn’t blame her for being the messenger. She really was trying to help, not stir the proverbial pot.
Selling the estate on Sunset Lake was a perfect opportunity for them to get out from under the burden of Chelsea’s property.
Sophie and Chelsea had been best friends since grade school when the Monroes adopted Chelsea. When Zach was twelve, the Monroes had taken him in as well, rounding the number of kids to four.
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe were saints. They’d adopted three boys and a girl, none of them biologically related, and had raised them as a united family.
From the beginning Zach had sparked her attention with his quiet, mysterious mannerisms. Since she’d known him he’d been a man of few words. Like today in her office, when he’d propped himself up on one shoulder against the wall and simply stared at her beneath heavy lids. Zach was the type who observed, and it was anyone’s guess what went on in that head of his.
Sophie had grown up perfectly proper, with church on Sundays, her parents belonging to the right social groups, and straight A’s through school. Yet everything about her life felt boring and stuffy. The moment she’d met Zach, she couldn’t help but be drawn to him.
Sophie and Chelsea had instantly clicked when they’d met on the playground. They’d bonded over their schoolgirl crush on Beau Skeens. He’d had a Mohawk. A kid with a Mohawk was beyond cool, and Sophie and Chelsea had both giggled behind the swing set while they watched Beau play basketball. From then on the girls were inseparable.
And when she’d gone home with Chelsea after school one day a couple years later and saw Zach, that infatuation with the bad boy continued. He sat, scowling, at the Monroes’ kitchen table until Chelsea punched him in the arm and told him to smile because this house would be the best place he’d ever want to live. Then she’d invited him to walk to the Dairy Dream for a milkshake.
Yeah. Sophie had fallen for the boy who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, but could be talked into a double chocolate shake by his new perky sister.

Heartwarming beginning to a new series about adopted brothers working towards honoring their sisters memory while struggling with their own personal demons. Zach has plenty of guilt over the tragic events that changed the lives of Sophie and his brother Liam. He's pushed everyone away, but the death of their sister has forced them to come together. It was a bit frustrating to see how Zach kept pulling back from Sophie when it was so obvious that she loved him just the way he was. He didn't think he was good enough for her, that his past did not make him right for her, but his caring ways show through his actions with those around him. From the dogs to the runaway teenager he encounters, you can see the heart of gold underneath the gruff exterior. Sophie is one tough woman who has moved forward from the accident and its consequences and embraces life. I loved the way she didn't give up on Zach, but at the same time she didn't allow him to get away with be an ass. I enjoyed the story and I'm looking forward to seeing Braxton deal with his past in the next book.

I received an ARC via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.

National bestselling author Jules Bennett is a former salon owner turned full time author. Considering she met her husband at the age of fourteen and they’ve been together since, Jules knows a thing or two about romance and happily ever after. She and her husband live in the Midwest with their two young children. When Jules isn’t creating emotional, witty stories, she’s spending time with her family, working out or procrastinating on social media. She loves to hear from readers. You can connect with her through Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

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