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Book Blitz - Watch Me, Baby by Anna Karam

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Watch Me Baby

by Kristin Secorsky

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Alison is a gorgeous yet socially awkward assistant in the human resources department. Never dating often, Alison prefers her cyber world. She meets Colin, a sexy new hire in the IT department who catches her looking at naughty pictures on her phone at work. This embarrassing first introduction turns into a steamy weekend of online cybersex between her and Colin. After watching each other online, they are ready to do more than just watch when Monday comes around.


Meet Anna


Anna Karam enjoys reading and writing erotica. She currently has three self-published erotic short stories out. Anna lives with her family in Texas.




            I need some sexy time…and a drink.
I stared at the little clock in the bottom right hand corner of my computer. Hurry up five o’clock! I have forty
minutes left at work before I can get out of there for the weekend. I look
around my drab cubicle surveying the contents: calendar, tissue, hand
sanitizer, lotion, a big refillable coffee mug for my caffeine addiction, and a
picture of my cat. Yes my big, fluffy, white Persian cat, Sebastian. His big,
blue eyes stared back at me looking bored. Oh
my God I am so pathetic
. My workspace didn’t have pictures of kids or a
husband…not even a boyfriend.

            My last relationship ended badly,
which is why I was now working as an assistant in the human resources
department instead of running it like at my last job. I made the mistake of
sleeping with my old boss. I quit my job when that didn’t work out and took a
lower paying job as an assistant just so I could keep my condo.

minutes left
! I begin filing away documents and saving open files on my
computer. When there was nothing left to do, I opened up Facebook on my Iphone
and scrolled down the wall. Who
cares…cute…blah blah blah…
I kept passing mindless posts but paused when I
saw a scorching hot image from one of my favorite erotica authors that I follow
online. All I could see was a naked woman straddling a man on end of a bed with
his face buried in her pussy. The woman’s hand gripped the sides of his head as
she gazed down, watching him devour her. Fuck
that is so hot
! I feel a familiar tingling between my thighs. I stare at
the sexy image, knowing I would need to go straight home and take out my

            “Excuse me,” a male voice says,
interrupting my dirty fantasies.

             I slam my phone down on my desk quickly and
look up embarrassed as if he knew what I had been looking at. I felt the warmth
of blood rushing to my cheeks as I stare up at the sexiest man I had seen in
some time. He appeared to be in his late twenties like myself, short brown
hair, blue eyes, and stubble I want to rub my pussy against. Don’t fantasize about him while you talk to
! My mind is screaming at myself to stay focused as I try to find words
to talk to him.

            He chuckles and smiles at me
flirtatiously. “Are you alright?”

            “Yes,” I say breathily. “I’m sorry
you just caught me off guard. Can I help you?”

            “Is Deb still around?”

            “No she left early to take her kid
to the dentist. Is there something I can do for you?” I ask. My mind
immediately returns to the dirty path. Maybe
something I can do TO you

            “Yes, there is something you can do
for me,” he says mysteriously. “But for now I need to leave this new hire
paperwork with someone.”

            “I can take it. Debbie would just have
given it to me to process anyway. I will let her know you left it with me

            “Thank you,” he replied. “I’m Colin
by the way.

            “Alison,” I reply shyly. I am not
good with people. Call it shyness or social anxiety but I feel most comfortable
in my little online world. I don’t go out often to meet people, which is
probably why I got mixed up with my old boss. “Nice to meet you, Colin. What
department do you work in?”

            “IT,” he replies. “I am a computer

            I laugh and he smiles at me. He
bends over inches away from my face, presses the button on my Iphone, and
slides the unlock button, opening up the screen to the naughty picture I had
been looking at moments before he came to my desk. God he smells good...like Dolce & Gabbana.

had to get a second look at that,” he says, looking at the bright screen. 

! I realize he had seen my phone when he came to my desk. I stare at
him open-mouthed and embarrassed. I had been too distracted by his delicious
scent and his proximity to realize what he was doing with my phone. 

            Colin winks at me and gives me a
devilish smile, “Naughty girl…” Then he walks off, tapping the top of my
cubicle with his hand as he passes by. “Have a good weekend, Alison,” he calls
out from the other side of the cubicle. I have never been so embarrassed in my
life. How will I ever be able to look him in the face again? I am never calling for IT help…ever!


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